Kodak POTD :pic

Kodak POTD :)

Since I posted here to look for someone to take a picture of this thing, it's only fair that I post the actual picture (though…
brianlh Sep 09, 2005
A Leisurely Afternoonpic

A Leisurely Afternoon

I hate to be one of those guys who comes back because he has a favor to ask, but that's what I'm doing right now…
brianlh Sep 01, 2005
Defiance Behind Bars and End of the Road?pic

Defiance / Behind Bars (and End of the Road?)

So, I guess this will be my last post here at buzznet. I'll still be continuing my photo blog here. It sports a few more…
brianlh Aug 12, 2005
You Lookin' At Me?pic

You Lookin' At Me?

Between signing the lease for my new apartment and going out for Char's birthday yesterday, I paid a visit to the Los Angeles Zoo. It…
brianlh Aug 07, 2005
Western Gray Squirrelpic

Western Gray Squirrel

This one is from a couple weeks back, but was my entry for the most recent Textures challenge at DPChallenge, a weekly photography challenge that…
brianlh Aug 01, 2005
MBZ Cup: Sebastien Grosjeanpic

MBZ Cup: Sebastien Grosjean

This was taken during the first round of the Mercedes-Benz Cup, during a match between Sebastien Grosjean and Ricardo Mello. Grosjean started out extremely strong…
brianlh Jul 27, 2005
Venetian Storefrontpic

Venetian Storefront

Yet another from my trip to Venice last weekend - sorry if that whole idea is getting old (but not too sorry, cuz there are…
brianlh Jul 22, 2005
Surfer at Sunsetpic

Surfer at Sunset

Another one from my weekend trip to Venice. We saw this guy walking down the shoreline and, originally per Kristin's idea, he became a center…
brianlh Jul 20, 2005
Disrespect II?pic

Disrespect II?

Interestingly, there is a public graffiti wall about fifteen feet from this tree. I suppose that the several hundred square feet of wall wasn't enough…
brianlh Jul 19, 2005
The Truman Showpic

The Truman Show

I got this one yesterday on a trip to Venice with Kristin. We watched the surfers for a bit, and I saw this sailboat going…
brianlh Jul 17, 2005
Uh Oh -- I've Been Spotted!pic

Uh Oh -- I've Been Spotted!

I got a kick out of this shot - the expression on this squirrel makes it feel as if I just caught it doing something…
brianlh Jul 15, 2005
Under the Los Angeles Sunpic

Under the Los Angeles Sun

This is Mr. Kim (I've never gotten his first name) - he has been gardening for our landlord for the past year, and presumably much…
brianlh Jul 14, 2005


While one friend was babysitting this miniature pinscher for another friend, I couldn't resist playing with it a bit and taking some pictures. For those…
brianlh Jul 11, 2005


At least I think this is the Pistil.. maybe our resident expert Derek can help me out on this one? :) This is one of the…
brianlh Jul 09, 2005
Urban Artistpic

Urban Artist

Caught in the act... sort of. This was taken at Venice Beach - the city provides a couple walls on the beach that are intended…
brianlh Jul 03, 2005
Evening Strollpic

Evening Stroll

Taken at El Matador Beach, CA. I'm not sure about the bird's identity, but it was definitely moving fast and proving hard to capture for…
brianlh Jun 26, 2005
Waves into the Pierpic

Waves into the Pier

Again from Santa Monica - my first ever whispy water type shot... everyone else was doing it, so I had to too :-X.. I had…
brianlh Jun 17, 2005
The Courts at Venice: All Eyes on the Ballpic

The Courts at Venice: All Eyes on the Ball

Not the best angle, but about the best I could get at the moment. This is one of the many basketball courts at Venice Beach…
brianlh Jun 15, 2005
Leading Lines.. Germ-free?pic

Leading Lines.. (Germ-free?)

Another from the time I spent wandering around Santa Monica a few weeks ago - just a public sink outside some public restrooms alongside the…
brianlh Jun 13, 2005
licks... Tastes like sugar to me..pic

(licks)... Tastes like sugar to me..

I took this shot a few weeks ago when I went to the Disaster Medicine Symposium in Irvine - same demonstration as the jaws of…
brianlh Jun 08, 2005
Dance Amongst the Cloudspic

Dance Amongst the Clouds

Definitely one of my favorites from the trip to Santa Monica - taken in the late afternoon, after spending a lot of time just watching…
brianlh Jun 05, 2005
Just Cruisin'pic

Just Cruisin'

Another shot taken the same day as the "Windows with a Beach View" from two posts ago. I really should get out and wander with…
brianlh May 30, 2005
May 15: OCFDpic

May 15: OCFD

Yesterday I went out to Irvine for an annual Disaster Medicine Symposium with Michelle and Gu. There were a few lectures from 8am-12pm about natural…
brianlh May 15, 2005
Windows with a Beach Viewpic

Windows with a Beach View

Not much to say about this one. Nearly everybody around here went home for Mother's Day.. which I would have, but it's a long drive…
brianlh May 08, 2005
Will Rogers Loop Trailpic

Will Rogers Loop Trail

Kristin and I went hiking yesterday (25th) at Will Rogers State Park, a few miles up Sunset Blvd from here. We kind of just stumbled…
brianlh Apr 26, 2005
A View of Banffpic

A View of Banff

Sorry for the [yet another] long delay between posts. And this isn't even a new picture! This was taken a few years ago on my…
brianlh Apr 22, 2005
My Babypic

My Baby

So, this spring break was a great one. Not in the traditional sense, as I didn't visit any exotic locales.. well, unless you consider Turlock…
brianlh Apr 04, 2005


Another from the poppy fields - this is actually one of my favorite shots from the day.. a couple of strangers, from across the street…
brianlh Mar 23, 2005
Orange Poppypic

Orange Poppy

New: Print Available Here Yet another shot from the outing to the California Poppy Reserve. This orange poppy stood out (not only in color, but height…
brianlh Mar 18, 2005
brianlh Mar 18, 2005
Colinas Coloridaspic

Colinas Coloridas

Maybe it's just the fact that I'm not fluent in spanish, but it sounds so much more beautiful than "Colored Hills". Anyway, I took this shot a…
brianlh Mar 15, 2005
Colinas Coloridaspic

Colinas Coloridas

(my spanish listening final is tomorrow, hence the title) Update: Print Available Here Others can be made available if anyone is interested. This is another one of my…
brianlh Mar 15, 2005


Shot at the California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, CA. VERY large bee. (Bumble bee? not sure..)
brianlh Mar 13, 2005
Mar 12: Flightpic

Mar 12: Flight

Update: Print Available Here I just got back a little while ago from the DPC trip to the California Poppy Reserve.. other than the car troubles…
brianlh Mar 12, 2005
Mar 8: Just Do Itpic

Mar 8: Just Do It

I liked this shortly after I took it... but now that it's a day later and I'm ready to post, I'm not so sure anymore…
brianlh Mar 08, 2005
Mountain, near Lake Louisepic

Mountain, near Lake Louise

Nothing like being surrounded by millions of trees and thousands of gigantic mountains to make you feel insignificant in this world. It is, however, a great…
brianlh Mar 07, 2005
Feb 21: Sunset over El Matadorpic

Feb 21: Sunset over El Matador

This is from the same day/shoot as some of those at the very beginning of my buzznet postings (click the blue arrow above the thumbnails…
brianlh Feb 21, 2005
Chianti Classico DOCGpic

Chianti Classico (DOCG)

The DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita - essentially meaning that it comes from a controlled and guaranteed place of origin) seal is a sign of…
brianlh Feb 20, 2005
A Molecular Divorcepic

A Molecular Divorce

Olive Oil and Gatorade. Anyone thirsty?
brianlh Feb 20, 2005
Feb 20: A Molecular Divorcepic

Feb 20: A Molecular Divorce

I would prefer to not have to put up my DPC challenge entries on here, but since it's the only set of pictures I took…
brianlh Feb 20, 2005


Probably won't be too hard for most people, but figured it's not quite obvious either.
brianlh Feb 19, 2005
Old and Newpic

Old and New

I liked the contrast here between the dead branch/twig thing in the foreground and all the 'identical' (but live) ones in the background - you can make…
brianlh Feb 19, 2005
Feb 18: Electropic

Feb 18: Electro

Just a quick picture that I decided I should take since I haven't done much else productive today. My roommate just brought this Danelectro amp…
brianlh Feb 18, 2005
Feb 16: Old and Newpic

"Feb 16": Old and New

This is actually a picture from a month or so ago that I never posted, but I figured that I should at least post something…
brianlh Feb 16, 2005
Feb 5: Arnettepic

Feb 5: Arnette

So for anyone who doesn't know - I love snowboarding. These are my Arnette goggles - I think the model name is something exciting like…
brianlh Feb 06, 2005
???: Peyto Lake, Monochromepic

???: Peyto Lake, Monochrome

Sorry for the long lack of updates, I know some of you have messaged me or asked about what's been going on via my comments…
brianlh Feb 04, 2005

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brianlh Jan 23, 2005
Jan 21: Class of 2005pic

Jan 21: Class of 2005

Well, wristbands were quite popular for some PADs a week or two ago - so here's mine. It's a UCLA "Class of 2005" wristband -…
brianlh Jan 22, 2005
Papa's got a brand new pair of shoespic
Jan 20: Inaugural Watchpic

Jan 20: Inaugural Watch

As most of you (maybe not those out of the country, but I would think you would too) know, today Bush was sworn in for…
brianlh Jan 20, 2005
Jan 19: Brad Rules LApic

Jan 19: Brad Rules LA

Whoever this Brad guy is, he must be pretty powerful.. and cool. What better place to advertise your dominion than a bamboo tree? - in…
brianlh Jan 19, 2005

Brianlh's Photo Stream

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brianlh Jan 18, 2005

Brianlh's Photo Stream

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brianlh Jan 16, 2005
Jan 13: Papa's Got a Brand New Pair of Shoespic

Jan 13: Papa's Got a Brand New Pair of Shoes

I'm really getting lazy - I set this up, took 5 shots, deleted 3 in cam and then edited the RAW file. =/ - better…
brianlh Jan 13, 2005

Brianlh's Photo Stream

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brianlh Jan 12, 2005

Brianlh's Photo Stream

2 new pics
brianlh Jan 10, 2005
Jan 8: Umbrella Abstractpic

Jan 8: Umbrella Abstract

I was out with my girlfriend today in Santa Monica, with my new UCLA umbrella (my other umbrella broke in so many places, I had…
brianlh Jan 09, 2005
Jan 7: Rain Coatpic

Jan 7: Rain Coat

When I left for class this morning (8:40ish), it was coming down pretty good - first hard rain I remember in LA so far this…
brianlh Jan 07, 2005
Jan 6: Disrespectpic

Jan 6: Disrespect

First day of school today... but 6th day of my New Year 'Resolution' to take pictures as often as I can and post at least…
brianlh Jan 06, 2005

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brianlh Jan 05, 2005
Jan 3: The Past in Monochromepic

Jan 3: The Past in Monochrome

I know, you've all seen it before - a Golf Club Sanding and Refinishing Machine... okay, maybe not. As some of you may know (and…
brianlh Jan 03, 2005
Jan 2: Keep Outpic

Jan 2: Keep Out

I'm still 'cheating' on my PaD'05 - just been busy cleaning around the house and reading about photography. I'm sure that I'll take some shots…
brianlh Jan 02, 2005
Courts at San Pedro, CApic

Courts at San Pedro, CA

Kids playing in the late afternoon on the courts right next to the Korean Bell of Friendship at Fort MacArthur.
brianlh Jan 02, 2005
Peyto Lakepic

Peyto Lake

This is my first community post, so forgive me if something goes awry. This image was taken on a family vacation to Canada. This is in…
brianlh Jan 02, 2005
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About Me:

so, last year i was addicted to poker and played it a bit (okay, WAY) too much - even as a part time job over summer (yes, i made enough to consider it a job). this year, i'm finding my way back into photography and trying to spend some more of my free time doing that - so far, i love it. we'll see how it goes :x


photography, snowboarding, bodyboarding, acting silly, golf, tennis, SNNOOWWWW, being a ninja in all facets of life

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hip-hop, and mostly everything else. mos def, binary star, 2pac, bone thugs-n-harmony, living legends, kanye west, jack johnson, afi, the flaming lips

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field of dreams, the matrix series, the usual suspects, the game, it's a wonderful life, memento, fight club, the bourne identity, the incredibles

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the simpsons, futurama, pimp my ride, get smart, the family guy, smallville, the amazing race, friends

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the da vinci code, angels and demons