brianlh Mar 18, 2005
Colinas Coloridaspic

Colinas Coloridas

Maybe it's just the fact that I'm not fluent in spanish, but it sounds so much more beautiful than "Colored Hills". Anyway, I took this shot a…
brianlh Mar 15, 2005


Shot at the California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, CA. VERY large bee. (Bumble bee? not sure..)
brianlh Mar 13, 2005
Chianti Classico DOCGpic

Chianti Classico (DOCG)

The DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita - essentially meaning that it comes from a controlled and guaranteed place of origin) seal is a sign of…
brianlh Feb 20, 2005
A Molecular Divorcepic

A Molecular Divorce

Olive Oil and Gatorade. Anyone thirsty?
brianlh Feb 20, 2005


Probably won't be too hard for most people, but figured it's not quite obvious either.
brianlh Feb 19, 2005
Old and Newpic

Old and New

I liked the contrast here between the dead branch/twig thing in the foreground and all the 'identical' (but live) ones in the background - you can make…
brianlh Feb 19, 2005
Papa's got a brand new pair of shoespic
Courts at San Pedro, CApic

Courts at San Pedro, CA

Kids playing in the late afternoon on the courts right next to the Korean Bell of Friendship at Fort MacArthur.
brianlh Jan 02, 2005
Peyto Lakepic

Peyto Lake

This is my first community post, so forgive me if something goes awry. This image was taken on a family vacation to Canada. This is in…
brianlh Jan 02, 2005
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About Me:

so, last year i was addicted to poker and played it a bit (okay, WAY) too much - even as a part time job over summer (yes, i made enough to consider it a job). this year, i'm finding my way back into photography and trying to spend some more of my free time doing that - so far, i love it. we'll see how it goes :x


photography, snowboarding, bodyboarding, acting silly, golf, tennis, SNNOOWWWW, being a ninja in all facets of life

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hip-hop, and mostly everything else. mos def, binary star, 2pac, bone thugs-n-harmony, living legends, kanye west, jack johnson, afi, the flaming lips

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field of dreams, the matrix series, the usual suspects, the game, it's a wonderful life, memento, fight club, the bourne identity, the incredibles

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the simpsons, futurama, pimp my ride, get smart, the family guy, smallville, the amazing race, friends

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the da vinci code, angels and demons